Welcome to Baybridge Investments

Baybridge Investments typically invests in venture capital and start-up opportunities to deliver financial and social impact returns. Although our assets have global operations, our primary focus is sub-Saharan Africa.  We help build exceptional businesses by investing into and partnering with visionary entrepreneurs and management teams; we generally collaborate as a strategic partner rather than as a pure financial investor, bringing our skills, knowledge, experience and relationships to portfolio companies. 

About us

We primarily invest in companies, technologies and entrepreneurs that match our vision, who are driving innovation to improve accessibility to what we believe are the core essentials in the development of every person in rural Africa - Education, Connectivity and Power - but our portfolio also includes businesses that provide environmentally-friendly products and services.

We're always on the lookout for innovative ideas in our core markets that allow things to be done better, quicker, cheaper and in a more environmentally-friendly way. In particular, we believe that there is a massive need, and corresponding opportunity, to improve primary education across Africa and that this also requires innovative and cost-effective rural internet connectivity and power solutions, which is where we focus much of our efforts.